TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre is a modern European orientated design centre that offers design, research and development support to small and large companies in the polymer industry and metal processing industry. Comprehensive support to the plastic, metal and tool making industry is provided through a wide range of top-level services. TECOS core competence is in the fields of product design, structural analysis, tool making, optical metrology, reverse engineering, 3D printing, lean manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality for manufacturing industry, and specialised trainings for specific polymer processing and tool making skills.
The range of TECOS services and support to SME companies include prototype series and test series of products, development and installation of manufacturing processes for mass production on-site, development of online process control, sensors and actuators development and implementation.

Hearthands Solutions is a dynamic company bridging the gap between commercial and public /EU funding ecosystems.
Its current activities are focused on training through innovative methodologies for E&M learning, personalised training approaches utilising opinion mining, sentiment analysis and augmented reality technologies and informal learning.
In terms of continuous improvement activities, Hearthands has established a Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) process, on the following main directions:
• knowledge dissemination through the development and application of the integrated strategic communication process supported by targeted online and offline activities
• promotion of Serious Games in Lifelong Learning through the utilisation of serious games for the advancement of key competencies,
• sustainable project results through the introduction of sustainability requirements in the early stages of design and exploitation resulting from targeting public and commercial opportunities throughout the project life,
• and quality assurance methodologies and tools focused on targeted quality metrics and best practices/lessons learned programmes.

The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – is a no-profit association that aims to embrace the challenges brought by the digital transformation in terms of digital skills mismatch and digital learning opportunities. The 47% of Europeans is not properly digitally skilled, yet in the near future 90% of jobs will require some level of digital skills and numerous opportunities in terms of jobs that are going to shape the labour market.
The European Digital Learning Network believes in the value of SHARING, CONNECTING, MULTIPLING, ENHANCING the potential of our members, local territories and people.
Constant changes in economy and society have been urging governments to emphasize the contribution of education to a wide range of newly required skills and competencies. 21st Century skills are considered to be key enablers of responsible citizenship in an ICT-based economy. A successful education and training in our knowledge society depend increasingly on the confident, competent and innovative use of ICT.

The Slovenian Institute for Vocational Education and Training (CPI) is a public institution founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and co-founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Crafts in 1995. CPI conducts research, development and consulting in the field of vocational and technical education. CPI is the central national institution in the field of vocational education and training. It is responsible for linking social partners, and provides support in developmental, research, implementing and systemic processes that contribute to the quality of vocational education and training. Since its establishment, CPI has worked with various ministries, employers, chambers, schools, associations and other organizations.

CETEM is a business association and training centre located in the south east of Spain. Created due to an initiative of private companies, CETEM aims at transferring any kind of innovation to industries, specially SMEs, actively contributing towards their socioeconomic development through consultancy services, Research and Development activities, and the arrangement of training programmes according to the industry needs. CETEM is a pioneer in Spain in ecodesign applied to the furniture sector and the use of sustainable materials. The Material Department of CETEM has been involved in several R&D projects with the aim to develop new sustainable products as resins, foams and textiles. In addition, the Electronic Department is in charge of the implementation of internet of things technology in the development of new smart products. CETEM is also expert on 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping technologies, with more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Atlantis Engineering is a Greek ICT with experience in offering services and bespoke products in the industrial manufacturing domain, organization and computerization of maintenance departments, customization of maintenance consulting and training, and the asset life cycle optimization. The expertise is mainly in the design, interconnection and implementation of models and protocols for the manufacturing sector; decision support for the management and optimisation of production activities; and streamlining of the predictive, condition-based and corrective maintenance processes.