1POINT partners held the 9. regular meeting on 5.10.2021

Post October 5, 2021 by Dragan Kusić

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Project partners participated on the ninth regular monthly meeting of 1POINT project, which was held online on 5.10.2021. The main goal of the meeting was to check the progress on the activity A4 – Training content development.
In this ninth regular monthly meeting 1POINT project partners were focused on O1/A4 activity where partners TECOS, CETEM and ATLANTIS are progressing very well on technical content preparation on the four pillars (AR, VR, 3D-printing and lean manufacturing) and are regularly supported by the rest of 1POINT project consortium. The consortium checked the latest obtained results and agreed to provide better illustration of the given maintenance sector examples for the above-mentioned pillars.
1POINT project partners are satisfied with the course and progress that was made on the AR/VR field since this field proved to be more demanding than field of 3D printing and lean manufacturing. The last two are converging towards finish and partners agreed that training content should be organized in such way to start with 3D printing, followed by AR and VR and then finish with Lean Manufacturing (LM) field. For this LM field we decided at the end to split it on 2 levels according to the interesting group involved, one for VET students (lean manufacturing for VET students on lower level) and the other for maintenance professionals (lean maintenance for experienced maintenance stuff and professionals on higher level). For this reason, still some more additional work must be done before we can finalize the A4 activity.
At the end of this ninth regular online meeting the consortium agreed to add some more dissemination news on the company and main project website, Twitter and LinkedIn account.

The next monthly meeting will be held in beginning of November 2021.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission – Project Reference: 2020-1-SI01-KA202-076060.