Post February 1, 2023 by Dragan Kusić

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1Point is a project that has been a game-changer for the European Digital Learning Network.
Over the years, the Italian partner has gained a great deal of experience and established itself as one of the most authoritative voices in the field of promoting digital tools in the education and training of young people and adults. But never before had the opportunity arisen to address a thick and highly topical issue that would interact directly with the world of industrial production.
Thanks to 1Point, therefore, it was possible to combine the promise of continuing to work for the affirmation of digital applications in education with the advent of the most modern technologies in the field of industrial maintenance. Augmented reality, virtual reality, 3d printing and just-in-time maintenance are the cornerstones on which the digital training platform elaborated by the consortium behind the project rests. But these are also the pillars on which rests the bet of transforming the modes of production we have known so far into something truly innovative, including in terms of the quality of work and its product.
Many of the production and training realities that over the course of the two years of project activity have had the opportunity to learn about the methodology made their own by 1Point, have recognized the validity and innovativeness of the proposal, giving a clear sign that they want to deepen it and perhaps make it their own.
For its part, Dlearn will continue after the conclusion of the project in the work of disseminating the results achieved, keeping contact channels open with Italian stakeholders and promoting the use of the digital training platform. Moreover, it is to be hoped that the realization of this successful project can serve as a trailblazer for the purpose of continued efforts in this area of vocational training, where the signs of demand for help from the business world are clear and unequivocal: there is a need for technicians who are experts in maintenance and in general in the dynamics of a production system that can no longer do without technology. And dynamic and modern individuals are needed who can provide an answer to these basic needs. So, it is now a matter of crossing supply and demand and continuing along the road mapped out by 1Point!

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission – Project Reference: 2020-1-SI01-KA202-076060.